“We were beckoned over with some voices attempting to be seductive with some weird slow waving, exactly the kind from some over-the-top porno.”

Accidental Orgy 

“Since a time when cyber sex was limited to cam-to-cam and Logitec speakers over some MSN (or fucking AOL) chat room.”

That Time I Got Divorced, In an MMO


“..So when I got married, suddenly it wasn’t OK for me to be with another woman.  But no one every said anything about men!”

Thoughts of The Thinker


rick and morty porn game

Top 10 Best Adult Games for Fun And Practice

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“A History of Adult Games,” volume 3 (in Japanese). Adult games are often produced by independent studios that self-publish them. However, some well-known mainstream game companies produce and market sexually-oriented computer games for both Nintendo Wii and other popular hand-held video game consoles. These companies are Rockstar, Hyper city Cyber City Online, Smile box, and Big Fish.
“Rick and Morty porn game” is a wildly successful adult video game series. It […]

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what is titcoin

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Titcoin is a type of digital currency called a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin) which uses a peer-to-peer network to securely process and validate electronic transactions. However, unlike Bitcoin, Titcoin was specifically developed for the adult entertainment industry.
Titcoin is also distinguishable for been nominated two years in a row as “Alternative Payment Services Company of the Year” during the 2015 and 2016 XBIZ Awards.


Titcoin is a […]

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