what is titcoin


Titcoin is a type of digital currency called a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin) which uses a peer-to-peer network to securely process and validate electronic transactions. However, unlike Bitcoin, Titcoin was specifically developed for the adult entertainment industry.

Titcoin is also distinguishable for been nominated two years in a row as “Alternative Payment Services Company of the Year” during the 2015 and 2016 XBIZ Awards.




Titcoin is a transactional cryptocurrency that was specifically designed to facilitate speedy payment confirmations. This is a crucial feature that merchants and businesses should take into account while considering cryptocurrency payments. On average, Titcoin transactions are processed in under 6 minutes. Bitcoin, on other hand, was designed as an investment instrument incapable of speedy transactions. In fact, true Bitcoin transactions on average take over an hour to complete.


Titcoin is currently the most recognizable adult-oriented cryptocurrency. In fact, we are the only adult currency covered by a variety of mainstream news outlets such as CNET, Cosmo, Playboy, Men’s Health, Vice Magazine and Gizmodo. Our fundamental philosophy is to introduce digital currencies to a broader audience instead of exclusively catering to the crypto community. Using our strong relationships with many members of the press, we’re confident we can continue to raise public awareness of digital currencies as a whole.


Our fundamental business activity is to market and promote Titcoin to customers across various adult products and services. This includes raising the awareness of businesses that accept Titcoin payments through non-aggressive and often grassroots campaigns.



The digital currency market is extremely fragmented with only several major coins receiving mainstream attention. Unfortunately, none of these major currencies are widely endorsed by any identifiable industry which we feel is a major hurdle for broader adoption. If there was ever an industry that could create some standardization in the cryptocurrency market, the ever-pioneering$10 billion global adult entertainment industry would be the obvious candidate. Titcoin aims to leverage its connections and partnerships to provide a safe, secure and mature method of payment processing.


Since January 2014, the Titcoin team has been dedicated to being fully transparent and honest about our strategic vision.  Going forward we only seek to further involve our investors in the planning and decision-making processes when seeking to make improvements and major changes to the direction of development.



  • Exchange Symbol: TIT
  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Block Reward: 34.5 coins
  • Block Time: 1 minute
  • Total Coins: 69 million
  • Retarget: Every block
  • Halving: 500k blocks
  • P2P/RPC Port: 8698/8697
  • Titcoin Block Explorer

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