The Code Commit Thread


This thread is meant to serve as a place for me to post updates on how the code is progressing as we get more art thrown on top of the engine as it stands. Figured since most of the action comes in spurts of us getting new art assets implemented that this would provide something a little more constant since I'm constantly programming! I'm fortunate to have feverishly coded enough of the engine beforehand in hopes of eliminating any major roadblocks that commonly occur at this phase in development. Anyway, if you don't know, a "commit" is a way of saying "this is definitely going into the project" for coders.  I don't use Github but the idea is that you have a master code base and an experimental "branch".  If that branch works for the better, you commit those changes to the master code base. Rinse and repeat:


[+] - Up and down keys added with flags for city view scrolling
[+] - Smooth scrolling in city view completed without sprites
[+] - Flags for preventing over-scrolling implemented
[+] - Optimized memory cleanup during shutdown


[+] - SDL_image added to API.
[--] - Implement separate sync animation function for real-time systems


  • [10/5/15]

    [+] Gutted the Delta FPS function and implemented a fixed framerate (60).
    [=] Dynamic sprite clipping

    Most of the past week has gone to theory and logic for the engine instead of in-the-trenches coding. Today, thankfully, was an exception. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow the solution to some of the new framerate problems will bust me in the head. I think though, today was a major breakthrough as far as the city functionality goes!

    Once the dynamic sprite clipping is completed, we're on to implementing the rest of the slightly (new) intro to Triple X Tycoon.
  • [=] Fixed framerate set to (30), testing.
    [+] Swapped drawing surfaces.
    [+] Double buffering.
    [+] Dynamic sprite clipping.

    It was a hellish week in bug crunch.  So, SO glad to hesitantly say the worst is over.  The thing is, even though most of the code was done beforehand, that was before we had all the assets we have now.  The good news is, I was sorta ready for it! This whole ordeal could have been much much worse.
  • edited October 2015
    [=] "Listen" button (city).
    [+] Dialogue initialization (city).
    [=] View independent movement (city).
  • Well, there's been plenty of commits.  LOTS, in fact.  So much so that this thread is so hopelessly out of date and pointless that I'm closing it.  I think I ended up adding more or re-factoring everything on every post I've done here immediately after actually posting it.

    I don't use GitHub.

    Ain't nobody got time for that.  
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