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edited April 2016 in Wishlist
We all know what triple X tycoon is for the most part, it's a game about porn, sex toys, mags... basically the whole adult industry.

As the team of goblins we have working for us well know; ideas can become quite stale, and start to feel a little dank at times when you're in a crowded dungeon with only a tiny window close to the ceiling that a big, fluffy cloud MAY pass over once in a while; if you're lucky.

so to help us ensure that that never happens to our goblins, and they keep their eyes focused down at the drawing board, we want to know what our loving, and devoted fans would virtually kill to have as playable options, or features available in our game; Triple X Tycoon.

And remember, It doesn't matter how outrageous or ridiculous an idea sounds, we assure you we will make the goblins give their full .025 second attention-span towards any idea that our passionate followers have a yearning to see.


  • I realize I am kinda necroing this whole thing, but will Latex (clothing and stuff) be a thing? Or for that matter, outfits in general?
  • Yes! It's also expensive as hell. But that's OK
  •      Thanks for the great question, ThunderRush! In the past we've discussed the possibility of Having cloths, wardrobe, etc. as a feature in the game, and everyone on the team has agreed that it would be a disservice to our fans NOT to let all of you recreate the classic pizza delivery guy scenario, or go full latex to your leisure.

    Hope that helps with understanding how the team feels about that feature!
  • I would like to be able to make bestiality porn!
  •      Hey Deefrost! I'm sorry to disappoint you, but our version of the game upon release will not support bestiality features. However if TXT fans want to mod the game and add some, we will not be opposed to altercations to the game. In fact, I'd be surprised if someone didn't do it!
    Thanks for your input!
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