Update: New UI, Scenarios, Finally Alpha and Nightlife

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Scenario - Room 69

It's getting dark out, you've been shooting for the hit Room 69 series all day.  Your performers are taking a break. Jo Navarra is sitting on the bed flipping through the latest issue of LuvBunny magazine while waiting for the money shot scene. She's an up and coming starlet who's casting costs you top dollar.  It'll be worth it though, you've even got a website.  Your male talent, LaTron, pulls a blue 42 "Got em" jersey over his head, steps into some dark jeans and walks outside for a smoke break. Hurvey Ferrera, your flamboyant assistant producer and cameraman nervously pulls you to the side.

image "Hey I, uhm, I was so into it that-"

Several loud cars pull into the motel lot.  It's not until then that you realize that the door to the room is still open.  LaTron turns to look back at you and then at Jo who takes the motion as a queue to join him outside, ass naked.  Hurvey grabs a towel and rushes outside after her, closing the door behind him.  You pick up one of the digital cameras that had been set on a tripod to replay some of the highly-anticipated footage you had just spent the day shooting.  Instead, you find that the cap had never left the lens.


Good news! We've gotten our hands on the assets we needed to step off the set and into the fresh air and sounds of the city.  The city screen will allow you to see what's going on elsewhere when things get a little slow around your studio.  Buildings like the strip club allow you to put idle talent to work on the pole in order to bring in some extra cash while other areas like the park might enable you to scope out new talent or even produce those outdoor scenes you've always wanted to shoot.  But, it's possible to get arrested for doing so, especially during the day so watch it! 


Need talent? Too broke to go through an agency? Need to shoot right now? Hire off the streets.  At night, it's not uncommon to find a wide variety of male, female and transsexual prostitutes walking around downtown.  Most of them won't work for nothing but if you get lucky there might be one or two who will be willing to show some ass for the chance at the spotlight.  Obviously you should get them tested, especially if you plan on whipping them into shape enough to work with the pros, but there are ways around that too.  

There's also the unofficial middleman route, you can find Purple Perry lurking around his strip club offering performers extra money to come meet his even more wealthy "prospects".  He's a bigshot and everyone knows him so don't be surprised if your talent gets poached by this guy.  If it happens, it's best to chalk it up as a loss.  Unless you have connections with the mob, but then you're just asking for trouble!

Progress Report, Alpha Talk

Development is full speed ahead again as the artists finish up assignments that began last month.  As you might know, Triple X Tycoon is still in development because of a severe bottleneck regarding art.  Safe to say that the ball is temporarily back in the tech court as I'll be working to release a short video demonstrating the new engine capabilities in terms of how conflict can play out in the game if left to escalate. 

It's hard to believe that we started making this game as a quick experiment that was meant to divert our attention for three months at best. 11 months ago it was a spreadsheet game. We went from text-based to multiple graphical UIs, pixelated appendages, camera savvy goblins and clowns who eat performers who let their feet hang off the bed for too long.  I'm excited!

This brings me to my next point, we've finally reached a definite alpha stage with the game's new scope in mind.  Lately there's been a trend toward rushing to get a game released for Early Access and whatnot, we won't be doing that. This decision ties into our belief that large sums of money don't lead to good games.  We want to focus on the end goal, not endless patches. 

That said, we do believe in proper demos.  We're working hard to make that happen as soon as possible.  Should be fun, stay tuned and if you haven't already, join the forum! If for no other reason, do it because it's free.

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