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v3.0 Update + Feature List


So I've already spoken to a few of you via Discord chat about what to expect coming up, but for the rest of the world here's the scoop!  V3.0, the next and final update to the public release build is still cookin'.  Internally, our main concern is the general lack of resources to keep the pedal floored at all times.  We primarily make ends meet by cutting a deal here and a deal there so as to assure things that need to get done within a certain time frame does see completion.  The team, for this month in particular, is spread pretty thin since the next version requires an immense amount of forward-thinking, new art and plenty of feature activation to keep me busy for months.  For a few reasons, we no longer have months.

We can get away with having a company be so lean since we have contractors on a per-assignment basis instead of employees. Us founders get paid dick, with only basic expenses as a last resort being taken out.  We all have day jobs and we all pitch in instead.  Speaking of, my hours just got cut at said job which gives me more time to work on 3.0, except now after 3.0 the new pace will be up in the air as I'll be seeking new employment or...? 


In the last devblog I mentioned speaking to a publisher, that was interesting.  It would not have worked with this firm in particular but myself and the other core members believe the right partner would only serve to benefit development at this stage. Anyway, here's a working list of the upcoming changes.  Keep in mind that not everything below can make it into a public build but we'd be damned if we didn't try.


[+] New city "Interact" icons
[+] Weather/event forecasts
[+] Functional "Studio" tab
[+] Video post-production options
[=] City A.I pathing activated
[+] Product rating system


[+] Uppercase in studio naming bug fixed    

I'm also planning on demonstrating a new product line/option being the ability to build and sell products on your company's website, this occurs after the introduction of the Internet as a strong medium for porn in 1995.  More info on that soon, in the meantime -> follow us on Twitter @JoyToilet for more updates. This thread is open to comments and suggestions. Knock yourself out.


  • edited October 2016

    [+] Option hover latency patched
    [+] Performers "disappearing" patched


    [+] Sex positions
    [+] Extended background fade to popup windows
  • Haha very nice, great work guys, there is any way to me have the game? I want to play and test..
  • Pre-alpha v2.11 can be found here (10MB)!
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