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Reality Queens Presents: The Juggler # 8 (+ Update!)

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The Juggler # 8

Richard looked one last time into the mirror and down again at the wide assortment of powder brushes and makeup littering the restroom counter of the Mini JMart.  It's getting late, he pulled the red afro down a tad to further conceal his receding hairline. After packing his shit up and flipping off the now very confused night-shift employee for trying to charge him for 15 minutes in the staff restroom, Richard stepped outside into the stale air of the city and onto his bicycle. For fucks sake, he thought, this was all he had going on tonight.

The building he arrived at was just a converted warehouse on the southeast side fitted with "enterprise" space for "entrepreneurs" looking for cheap offices to make their drug front look more legitimate. In the basement sometimes, usually around this time, the kids sneak in and throw huge parties. Richard thought back to when his father worked late at the bar uptown, he'd sneak out to attend one of these all night bangers.  The booze, the drugs, the women! It makes him hard just thinking about it. 

The space was dimly lit with paint cracking along the walls, nothing a few cheap picture frames can't fix.  This is where the new set is located, mid-level, end of the hall, out of the way.  He remembered when he still shot that old voyeur series over at the park on Sundays.  Had to watch for the cops back then, the fines eventually cut into the profits. Sure, the fans were upset that he had to stop making those.  But then came The Juggler, his renown casting couch series where he was the male talent - with a twist. He'd call a famous pornstar in for an "interview" and when they came knocking he'd answer the door as a clown.  It's niche and totally scripted, but it sells.

Richard had just gotten the call from Carla Roze about whether or not it was cool to walk onto the set with no clothes on, she wanted to know if it would kill the illusion of "unsuspecting pornstar".  He decided nobody ever gave a shit about the story and that it was probably fine.  He set the camera, Carla knocked softly and entered the room. Richard squeezed his nose and asked her if she'd help him make confetti.


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    So after some framerate wrestling I'm diving back into the area and performer functionality.  This is probably the most hellish bit of the engine, albeit hands-down the most entertaining!  Fun fact, we actually commissioned a studio from one of the artists assigned to environments and came out with the casting couch set, which is fine since a similar scenario appears in Spanky's Maximum. We treat these types of sets as extensions to the broader area, that area in this case being generally known as the "studio".  As we probably mentioned in a previous post, you can expect the ability expand your operation without having to step entirely outside of what's already working for you. For example, just because you already rent out a room at the motel does not mean you can't rent another, and another, eventually buying the building outright.

    In the case of the studio, you pretty much start out in a vacant space and can add the sets you need as new ideas pop up.  We think this is a fresher take on standard upgrades in these types of games and should make for some interesting spaces! This recent push for better art is part of an ongoing effort to bring the game's presentation up to speed in time for the tech demo scheduled to drop soon.  

    While we can't promise a public offering of in-depth gameplay just yet, we can shoot for proving ourselves capable of at least one stable release to backers, subscribers and a select few others before things really get crazy in the next couple of months. At the very least we hope to gather enough feedback with the impending release to better understand what needs work and what already does.

    Oh, and we now have model talent "types" in the game. That includes punk, bro, girl-next-door, average-joe etc you get it. This applies for male, female and trans performers. Also, keep up with the dev blogs! We're on part 11 now, and Soup wrote it!

  • not to mention tentacle-dick cough cough
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