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Long story short, we've swapped out our own community tech for these forums in order to get things up and running faster. It's funny, because as a company we have been moving slowly away from the extreme DIY mode we began with in favor of efficiency, at least on the web front. When it comes to our games though, it's an entirely different story!


Since the final day of our IndieGoGo campaign we've delegated a handful of tasks out to people in both our internal and external circles in order to hit the ground running sooner than later. This is a direct result of the bottleneck that is artwork. As a result we've created a situation in which the core team has had to wait anxiously for all the really good stuff to come in, all of which we can't wait to show off! The code, meanwhile, is humming along smoothly. The only big thing on the horizon to is framerate control since we'll be introducing a lot more to the mix! There's also some text handling that will make up the bulk of the coding going forward.

As always we'll be keeping you all updated as things progress. Feel free to use this forum as a place to voice your own ideas, opinions and concerns regarding Triple X Tycoon and other topics under the appropriate categories. As far as rules go, don't be hateful. This is all based on love after all!


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    What he(^) said.
    please take a moment to thank our sponsor, vanilla for powering our every needs... until we make our own; and we no longer needs.
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