January 23, 2015


I speak for the whole team when I say it was nobody’s mission in life to make a game about the world of adult entertainment.  It’s there, we know it exists, we enjoy it’s products (in relative secret) and that’s it.  Some of us get off on it alone, sometimes we bring a mutual.  You might even feel like it’s cool to appreciate certain aspects of sex publicly because everyone’s doing it in some way, right? I don’t blame you.  I can go to EDC in nothing but a red speedo and a green afro because it’d be weird if I didn’t.  Enough moms read 50 Shades of Grey so making a movie about it is perfectly fine. Everyone gets it. Enough people understand these things so it’s all good to the rest of us.  It’s how we’re wired, I don’t blame you.

But what about the fringes?  The unconquered and uncontrollable or rather the unpredictability of what’s unknown?  What, am I too deep? Let me know and I’ll stop or slow down.  There’s a quote that reads “Do not fear what you don’t know”.  I think those are words to live by, but don’t mind me.  I’m just the guy programming that porn-ish game.  Maybe I’ll get to finish it, I’ll let you know how that’s going in 26 days.

I decided that Triple X Tycoon was an idea worth my own and the team’s time because I hadn’t seen a non-linear strategy/business-sim about the porn industry prior.  Lula, was much more character focused than what we’re going for.  We figured hell, let’s make a game where you (as in, you) can just start a fictional porn company and see what happens.  We want the game to not give a fuck, to leave all the fucking to someone else.  Which is why we built it on top of an interactive fiction engine.  So now you’ve got this new toy and lots of choices to make, running a business (any business) is hard work after all.

It’s also hard on employees once you can afford them.  In the case of Triple X Tycoon we’re talking, models, performers, pornstars..people.  So we know shit happens, let’s put that in the game too.  OK so now things are shaping up, it’s all starting to make sense. Some might play it and realize something.  This is no different than any other business.  I mean porn, the adult industry, is no different from any other business once you strip the subject of everything you (as in, some people) associated with it.

We’ve yet to come across people who outright boycott the game because hopefully, we’re all old enough to realize how silly that would be.  There’s no carnage in it for sure, although I’m sure that’s a thing somewhere.  Just good ol’ cutthroat business and a little ass here and there since you know, porn.  But you knew that, and you’re still here.  Now we’re making progress.

Joy-Toilet Collectives is a bowl of “anything goes” for us.  We like weird, we like subtle, we like stupid, we love innovation.  We build things, we play things too.  With any luck, you’ll appreciate the same things we do.  We also know that we can’t please everyone but it can’t hurt to try.  Understanding typically precedes the “try” phase.  Triple X Tycoon is ultimately a journey in understanding for those who don’t.  It’s been a tough bet financially for us, but we think you’ll get it eventually.  At which point we do hope you try our game.

And with any luck, it’ll be waiting for that day.  Support Triple X Tycoon on OffBeatr

Making Triple X Tycoon Part 12 & 3

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