JOY-TOILET - Talk Shit!

News = Rich people paying rich people to tell middle-class people to blame poor people.

When I see R2D2 I think of my fathers bald head. And penises since Star Wars came out around the time I hit puberty. Ah, Princess Leia

Hey Doop, Where's "The making of Triple X Tycoon Part 5"?!? Can you tell me anything about the game?!?

We don't get most pornos. There's nothing hot about 10-25 minutes of monotonous penetration. The obvious act is only half the fun, right? We look at this and go "where's the rest of it?"

I fell asleep while he ate me out. I shit you not.

One day I took a shit and out came a joystick

I wanna fuck a white girl at a country club while smoking a blunt. If that makes me sick in the head well fuck it I got the flu. I shit you not.

One of the oldest, if not the oldest personal computer was the Programma 101 made in Italy in 1965. I shit you not.

I had just left the hilal spot on 2nd Ave when a homie in a red T came up to me talkin bout how my lips was crusty. I said fuck you my dude that's just the snot dripping down my face from eatin all that curry.

It was a shitty day, so I went outside and smoked some weed obviously. Just to take the load off a lil bit. Well I locked myself out. And It was still snowing. I shit you not.

Doop and I we're talkin' the other day, and he let slip that the janitor is trying to get a hair transplant. Is that even a thing?

"..I told my daughter, there are some things in life you just don't try. You don't just TRY to fly a plane. You don't just TRY to perform open heart surgery."