Talk Shit!

A guy wanted to work at Joy-Toilet. When I asked about his qualifications he said, "Well I've got a BS in Communications from FU".

Monday is the least rainy weekday. That's just some factual shit we heard.

Winter is bullshit. Snow is bullshit. Summer is bullshit, hot steamy, moist bullshit.

Can we get some customization for our 'profiles' on here? Also being able to submit jpg. or gif. files would be dope.

So, turns out I lost my "soup" account. (go figure) The email address I listed it under apparently doesn't have login info (despite it being my work account..) so, anyway soup's back on the menu; I shit you not!

I don't care what people say about the Obama administration. I just saw this Dominican girl working at a Chinese restaurant and a black guy was the delivery guy. I shit you not that's progress.

Fuckin A, man.

Last night while I was eating my boyfriends ass, his dog snuck up behind me and ate mine. I shit you not.

I overheard my momma talkin bout how we might have to get rid of the dog. So I called my buddies and we took care of it. I never liked my stepdad.

Shoveling snow "like a boss" entails not shoveling snow at all.

My electric company increased rates 40% this yr. I couldnt keep up with the normal $200 a month before- now im $1,000 in debt to these assholes and they're gonna shut me off in april if i dont pay. Fuck you!! my electricbill should not be $400 A MONTH!!! I LIVE IN A TRAILER FFS!!!

My boss is the kind of guy that gets nasty fucking food-fingers and touches on people's shirts and hands. So I got the guys together and we brought him baby wipes. This fucking guy asked "Who's got the kid?"